Friday, 23 June 2017

Happy Birthday Canada!

The June edition of ‘Where Have All the Folks Songs Gone?' became a celebration of Canadian Folk Revival songs to a packed house at the Free Times Cafe on Wednesday night.
Sorry this is so blurry...I thought I was taking a panorama video of the room but all I actually took was this blurry still. Guess I was having too much fun!

When it was all over, songs by Wade Hemsworth, The Travellers, Ian & Sylvia, Buffy Sainte Marie, Gayle Garnett, Gordon Lightfoot, Bonnie Dobson and Joni Mitchell all had been celebrated by the very enthusiastic audience.

Canadian artists made an amazing contribution to the Revival to say the least. Hemsworth’s 'Black Fly' made it's debut on our set-list appropriately during black fly season and left everyone just a bit itchy. 'Both Sides Now', technically a bit late for the revival era, was included to recognize Joni Mitchell’s place in Canadian folk music.

Next monthly show at the Free Times Cafe is Wednesday July 19 as we’ll be playing through the summer once again this year. And, we are taking the show on the road to Hamilton and Niagara On The Lake in July. Details are in the Upcoming Shows tab.

Hope to see you soon!