Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Taking The Show On The Road!

The 'Where Have All The Folk Songs Gone?' gang piled into a van and hit the road twice in July.

First, on July 6th, to the Artword Artbar in Hamilton and then on July 16th, to the Simcoe Park band shell as part of the Music Niagara Summer Festival in Niagara On The Lake. We had a great time at both shows.

The Artword Artbar was wonderful as always. Judith and Ron have created a warm and welcoming performance space for both artists and audiences. There were lots of folks who'd been at our previous Artbar shows but also lots of new faces as well. We've already booked another show there in the Fall.

On the morning of our Music Niagara Summer Festival performance, the weather forecast was pretty dismal. Just before leaving Toronto, I did one last check online and saw there was a 70% chance of precipitation and thunderstorms at the exact same time as our show (12-2pm). Noooooooo. Fast forward to noon...the sky clouded over as we took the stage, then suddenly the sun came out and it was back and forth like that throughout the performance. A few drops of rain fell here and there but not enough to discourage the audience, so that was great. One of the festival sponsors of the was handing out fun clapper thingys, so the audience of hundreds sounded like an audience of thousands!

Sean McCaughey Photography
 Next show is our regular monthly at the Free Times Cafe on Wed. July 19th. As always, reservations are a great idea to ensure a seat!