Thursday, 21 September 2017

Challah, Honey, and Folk!

Lots of fun at our 60's Folk Revival show at the Free Times Cafe last night. The evening began with a lovely Rosh Hashana blessing of challah, apples and honey that were passed around for all the audience to enjoy.
With the New Year, Labour Day, and the UN Int'l Day of Peace all happening in Sept. the set list was stacked with songs in celebration of all these important events.

The photographer from snapd College stopped in between sets so we should see some nice photos in the coming weeks. Made a couple of audience members cry with 'Puff The Magic Dragon'...all in a day's work 😉

Thanks to everyone who came out to sing with us and to Colin and Joanne for these photos! It's always wonderful to have visual memories of fun times like these.
Our next show is in Hamilton at the Artword Artbar on Thurs. Oct. 12th. The next one at the Free Times Cafe in Toronto is Wed. Oct. 18th. Details for both are on the Upcoming Shows page of this blogspot. See you soon!