Monday, 25 June 2018

Two Sold Out Shows In One Week!

What a week! At our regular monthly show last 
Wednesday night, the Free Times Café was packed with singalongers. Judy did a masterful job fitting almost everyone into the music room, and just one couple remained in the overflow or "VIP Lounge" as we like to call it. I don't like anyone to feel left out, so I checked in with them at the break and they said they were doing fine back there, enjoying the music with lots of room to stretch out.

Some special moments from the evening...Michelle led us in a particularly poignant singalong of Woody Guthrie's 'Deportee' that saw a few audience and band members tear up in light of the recent sad headlines that children of migrants were being separated from their parents in the US.
On a happier note, one of our regulars was celebrating his birthday so as is our tradition, we all sang "Happy Birthday To You" to the tune of 'Michael Row Your Boat Ashore' as a piece of cake was delivered to him atop Judy's head. Wish I'd taken a photo to share here.
Another show regular introduced his cousin from Serbia to the show this month, and even though the cousin doesn't speak much English, he told me he really enjoyed the evening. It reminded me of how music really has no borders and brings people together. Quite literally in the case of two gals that evening who were randomly seated side by side, struck up a convo before the show and by the end of the evening were planning to get together for coffee!

Here's the set list from the evening...

Then on Sunday, (last night) we performed for over 235 Torontonians who Winter in Florida and stay connected throughout the rest of the year here with shared social events. It was lots of fun! Here's a collage of a few photos from the evening...

Our next show is Sunday, July 8th at Simcoe Park in Niagara On The Lake and
then we are back at the Free Times Café on Wednesday, July 18th. Check out the Upcoming Shows tab for all the details. Hope to see you soon!