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Compilation from May 3, 2018 show at the Artword Artbar in Hamilton
'Turn Turn Turn' Dec. 10/14 (3 min 26 sec)
'Michael Row Your Boat Ashore' (67 sec)
'When I'm Gone' (66 sec)


snapd College was at the show in September and took some fun shots:  
Click on this link to see them all Audience photos from September 20, 2017
September 2017 (taken by Joanne Ingrassia)

August 2017 (taken by Kimberley Way)

July 2017 (taken by by Erik Carter)

Music Niagara Summer Festival, July 16, 2017
Artword Artbar July 6, 2017

Har Zion, April 23, 2017 (taken by Dave Lang)
Artword Artbar, Mar 30, 2017 (taken by Derek Shuurman)

February Show Feedback

A few shots from a very fun 2016 New Years Eve!
Judy warming up the crowd!


Thanks for being there Snapd College St. Edition

June 15, 2016 ~ Free Times Cafe (Photo taken by Judy Perly)
June 5, 2016 ~ Music Niagara Fundraiser NOTL (Photo taken by Chris Blake)
May 26, 2016 ~ Hamilton ArtBar (Photo taken by Gail McGhee)

Photos taken by SNAP'd cn be viewed here: SNAP'd APRIL 2016  SNAP'd MAY 2016
Sampling from April edition

The WHATFSG gang!
January 2016 - The gang after appearance on Heather Fielding's
CIUT long running radio show Acoustic Workshop
Audience Feedback

December 2015 - Free Times Cafe 35th Anniversary
Pete Seeger Tribute at Camp Naivelt - August 3, 2014

Big On Bloor Festival - photo taken by Chris Seagram (CMS Photography)